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  • Why are the earrings sometimes slightly different?
    These are handmade and creating perfect duplicates is almost impossible.
  • Are your earring posts Nickel free?
    Everywhere I can I use stainless steel earring posts, hooks or hoops. It will be stated in the description if they are not. Please be aware that gold plate can cause slight allergy in some people so sticking to silver (stainless steel) is advisable if you get allergies.
  • Can you swim with the earrings on?
    No this is not advisable.
  • What do I do if my earring go dull with time?
    This can happen with wear and tear. You can use a light polish cream and a polish cloth or just wash with a mild soap, dry thoroughly and rub in a very small drop vegetable or olive oil and then polish off with a soft cloth.
  • Can I serve food on the bowls and trays?
    Resin - Bowls and trays can be used to serve cold foods. Wash in lukewarm water with a mild soap and dry thoroughly. Rub a small drop of vegetable or olive oil into the item to maintain shine and care for the surface. Never was in the dishwasher or put in an oven. The heat will distort the vessel. Acrylic Resin (Jesmonite) Cold foods only. Do not heat these bowls. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry carefully. Buff with Beeswax for a lovely finish.
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