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Handmade masks in beautiful fabrics. The outer layer and 3rd layer is linen cotton or linen . The middle layer is of 100% polyester to act as a filter.


Elastic on sides can be adjusted by sliding the plastic toggle. Wash before use. Wash regularly. I followed the guidelines outlined on Australian health websites.




Whether you have a reusable fabric mask, or a single-use surgical mask, do not wear it if it becomes damp. 


Masks could become contaminated or lose their effectiveness if they are damp, wet, damaged or dirty.  DHHS - Victoria's Department of Health and Human Services - recommends washing a reusable mask each day.And it should also be completely dry before re-use.DHHS recommends using the heat setting on your dryer, laying out flat to air dry or, if possible, place it in direct sunlight.


Approximate sizes 

Small - 20 cm across x 12 cm high

Medium - 22 cm across x 13 cm high 

Large - 24 cm across x high


Mask on me in photo is not a linen mask.  Just there as a example photo.

Triple Layer Face Mask - Linen or Linen Cotton Outer

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