Care Pack includes....

i x mask in Small, Med, Large (please refer to masks listings for sizing) $15

1 pair of earrings - $25

1 pair of studs - $15

1 hair clip - $8 - this can be swapped for another pr of studs if you wish.


Total value $63 for $50


Please feel free to make up your own combination if you wish.  Just contact me on for a price.


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Elastic on sides can be adjusted by moving knot. The knot can be tucked inside mask to hide. You can replace this elastic if necessary for longevity. Wash before use. Wash regularly. I followed the guidelines outlined on Australian health websites.


Tip: Whether you have a reusable fabric mask, or a single-use surgical mask, do not wear it if it becomes damp. Masks could become contaminated or lose their effectiveness if they are damp, wet, damaged or dirty.


DHHS - Victoria's Department of Health and Human Services - recommends washing a reusable mask each day. And it should also be completely dry before re-use.

DHHS recommends using the heat setting on your dryer, laying out flat to air dry or, if possible, place it in direct sunlight. 


Approximate sizes 

Small - 20 cm across x 12 cm high

Medium - 22 cm across x 13 cm high 

Large - 24 cm across x high



Additional Mask information from Queensland Health

Mask Care Pack


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